Day 9: So Emotional

Song: “So Emotional” by Whitney Houston
Reached #1: January 9, 1988 (her sixth, 1 week)

B.B.B. (Before Bobby Brown)

Yesterday, I made reference to Whitney Houston ending up a punchline on The Soup.  OK, so her “kiss my ass” clip gets played a lot, but when you do the research, you really have to give her credit.

After all, she survived years of marriage to, and drug abuse with, Bobby Brown – and although she’s had issues the last couple of years, she seems to have come out of it OK.

Of course, all of that was in the future when “So Emotional” was one of a string of #1 hits that took Whitney to superstardom.   She set all kinds of chart records, including 7 straight #1 songs, and being the first solo female artist to get 3 songs in the top 11 of the Billboard chart at once.

It was during the awards blitz that followed the Whitney album where she met Bobby Brown.  One wonders what would have happened had she just been happy with Randall Cunningham instead…

I suppose it’s either a reflection of the public or the media – hard to say which – that we remember more about her failings than her successes.  After all, she has been making hits for far longer than she’s missed shows or done oddly drug- or alcohol-fueled performances… but if you ask most people about her now, it’s the drugs and the behavior issues that they’d think of first.

For me, I think I’ll just look back at a younger Whitney and enjoy the talent she had. 

Tomorrow, we got ourselves the only song ever to hit #1 on January 10.  That was a clue.  See you tomorrow.

Other songs to hit #1 on January 9:
1961 –
“Wonderland By Night”, Bert Kaempfert and his Orchestra (their first, 3 weeks)

Oh… since I mentioned it…

Yes, I went there.

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