Day 11: Yes, We Have No #1s

Today is one of seven days during the project on which there are no new #1 songs.  On each day, I’ll pick a song that reached #1 for the first time within a few days on either side… so here goes…

Song: “Baby Come Back” by Player
Reached #1: January 14, 1978 (their first, 3 weeks)

Lite rock, 70s style

I come to discuss the phenomenon that is Ronn Moss.

In this video, he’s the red-shirted bass player stage right (our left) of lead singer Peter Beckett.  You may recognize the neutral facial expression and stern jaw… if you’ve ever been home on a weekday afternoon flipping the dials anytime in the last 25 years.

Ronn Moss plays fashion executive “Ridge Forrester” on CBS’s The Bold and The Beautiful, and from what I gather, he must be very popular in the role, as he has held the role since the show premiered in 1987.

I just don’t quite get the popularity.  Perhaps it’s because I’m the wrong demographic… but the times I’ve come across him whilst bored on a weekday afternoon, I see an actor with the emotional range of a turnip and approximately 1.5 facial expressions.   Yet for 25 years, he’s had steady work while a lot of other actors have had to struggle… I’m not begrudging the guy, I just don’t get it.

And I’m not the only one – the merry jokesters at The Soup had fun for a while mocking Moss’ complete lack of emotional depth in scenes where he attempted to convey anger or concern by shouting.  But even they got bored.

Yet he goes on.  Not only on TV, but on occasional Player reunion tours.

Clearly, his unique blend of blandness and jawline has a fanbase.  I just don’t know that I’ve ever met one of them.  I suppose that all I can do is acknowledge his success, and move on.

Tomorrow, a midnight toker.  See you then.

No songs reached #1 on January 11.


One comment on “Day 11: Yes, We Have No #1s

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