Day 13: Yes, We Have No #1 Songs (Take Two)

Figures, right?  No #1 songs on the first Friday the 13th of 2012.  That’s OK, we’ll just peek ahead a couple of days…

Song: “What A Girl Wants” by Christina Aguilera
Reached #1: January 15, 2000 (her second, 2 weeks)

The first new #1 of the 2000s

Hard to believe it’s been 12 years since this song hit #1… it’s been quite a ride for Xtina, hasn’t it?

There are a few reasons I pulled this song in for today’s blog… first, I’m a fan of The Voice, which is coming back in a few weeks, and on which Christina is a judge.  So consider this a plug.  Then again, the show has millions of viewers and I have a few less readers, so maybe I’m trying to get a few search referrals.  OK.  Guilty.

Second, I am kind of surprised at the flak Christina gets for looking… well… like a fairly typical woman of her age group.  Really, the crap she takes for being “heavy” should be an embarrassment to the media types who write it.   On the one hand, they carp about entertainers like Christina (or Katy Perry), who (*gasp*) have curves… on the other hand, they wring their hands about how young girls starve themselves to a ridiculous standard of “thinness”.  They can’t be blind to the irony, can they?

And third… given the amount of talent the last incarnation of The Mickey Mouse Club produced, you have to wonder why Disney’s not opening up a new version to serve as a talent incubator for the 2020’s.  Not only was Christina a cast member of the late-80’s/early-90’s revival, but so were Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake (and future N*Sync cohort JC Chasez), Keri Russell, singer/songwriter Matt Morris (wrote “Miss Independent” for Kelly Clarkson), and Ryan Gosling.  With that track record (and given that MMC hasn’t aired in 16 years, roughly the longest break the show has had since it debuted in 1955), and that Disney has 43 cable channels to fill… maybe they’ll give this generation their own future superstars.  Or they’ll keep churning out Hannah Montana clones.  Who knows?

Tomorrow, a singer whose ex-wife has already featured in this blog.  See you then.

No songs reached #1 on January 13.


One comment on “Day 13: Yes, We Have No #1 Songs (Take Two)

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