Day 30: Baby One More Time

Song: “”…Baby One More Time” by Britney Spears
Reached #1: January 30, 1999 (her first, 2 weeks)

Where the ride began…

In late 1998, if anyone knew Britney Spears at all, they knew her as one of the kids from the Mickey Mouse Club on Disney.   When word came that she was heading into a singing career, perhaps one expected she’d be a Debbie GIbson for the aughts…

…so when she came out with this song that had originally been written for TLC, and did the video that brought back the Catholic Schoolgirl look, we probably should have been alerted that this wasn’t going to be the career we expected.

Then again, who would have expected the meltdowns, the tabloids, the marriages, and the need to have legal guidance until her 30s…?

In the end, I guess we can look back on this video and remember a time when Britney was just a kid singer from Louisiana, and not the cartoon she has become over the last decade.

With all the notoriety, her singles haven’t hit the top of the charts that often – she has just 4 #1 singles… and her second didn’t come for almost a decade after this one (we’ll see that song later this year).  But every one of her studio albums went to #1, except Breakout, which “only” went to #2.

Tomorrow, we go back to the 70s… to ride a rollercoaster…

Other songs that hit #1 on January 30:
1961 –
“Will You Love Me Tomorrow?” by the Shirelles (their first, 2 weeks)
1982 – “I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do)” by Hall & Oates (their fourth, 1 week)
1988 – “Need You Tonight” by INXS (their first, 1 week)


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