Day 41: Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?

Song: “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy” by Rod Stewart
Reached #1: February 10, 1979 (his third, 4 weeks)

Umm… then or now?

Rod Stewart’s had a long career.  But is he really a star?  I mean… in the sense of his contemporaries like Paul McCartney and Mick Jagger?

He’s been a bit of a chameleon – actually, a lot of a chameleon.  He’s gone from the struggling rocker “found” drunkenly playing harmonica at Twickenham railway station, to the blues/rock singer for the Jeff Beck Group and Faces, to the solo blues rocker, to the disco-tinged late ‘70s (including this #1) and early ‘80s, to a bit of a career lull during the Rachel Hunter years, to the Songbook albums of the ‘00s…

…but with all that, if you’re asked for a short list of rock stars, do ya think of Rod Stewart?

Don’t get me wrong, he’s done well… hundreds of millions of albums sold, quality time with some of the world’s most beautiful women (Britt Eklund, Alana Hamilton, Kelly Emberg, Rachel Hunter, Penny Lancaster – who needs money?), and he’s still touring after all these years.

But there’s a feeling, I think, that he left something on the table all those years.  While McCartney and Jagger were trendsetters, Stewart tended to follow the crowd… and that may be why he doesn’t feel like the kind of star he should be for 50 years in music.

And I still haven’t quite forgiven him for his part in “All For Love”, either…

Tomorrow, a singer/dancer who started as a Laker Girl… and who just lost her most recent job.

Other songs that reached #1 on February 10:
1958 –
“Don’t”/”I Beg Of You” by Elvis Presley with the Jordanaires (his ninth, 7 weeks)
1968 – “Love is Blue” by Paul Mauriat and his Orchestra (their first, 5 weeks)
1990 – “Opposites Attract” by Paula Abdul & The Wild Pair (her fourth, 3 weeks)


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