Day 42: Straight Up

Song: “Straight Up” by Paula Abdul
Reached #1: February 11, 1989 (her first, 3 weeks)

It was a much simpler time…

She started out as a Laker Girl and the choreographer for the Jacksons.  Thirty years ago.

What a ride it’s been.  Four #1 singles (starting with “Straight Up”) off Forever Your Girl.   Two more albums.  Songwriting work.  And yet, what do we remember Paula Abdul for?

Her 5 loopy years on American Idol, the trainwreck of That Dance Show She Did*, and being part of the listing shipwreck that was the first season of X-Factor USA.

It’s not that X1 was her fault.  She was probably as good of a judge/mentor as Simon Cowell – it’s just that she was stuck with the groups, and America hates groups on singing shows.  However, FOX wanted to clean house, so Paula got tossed with the real problems (a boring host and a weak judge).

For the first time in a long time, she’s looking at no plans for her future… so today, let’s look back at a moment where we saw her future more clearly.  Straight up.  I suspect there’s going to be a new album in her future.  I hope so.

Tomorrow, a singer I fondly (?) refer to as the Evil Wind From The North.

No other songs hit #1 on February 11.

*This may not be the real title of the show.


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