Day 48: Ms. Jackson

Song: “Ms. Jackson” by OutKast
Reached #1: February 17, 2001 (their first, 1 week)

I wasn’t expecting this…

For those of us who really weren’t paying attention (oops), you’d think a song by a hip-hop group titled “Ms. Jackson” was about a certain Indiana-based member of a famous singing family.

You’d be wrong.

OutKast’s “Ms. Jackson” is André 3000’s apology of sorts to Erykah Badu’s mother, Kolleen (who isn’t named Jackson) – an apology for “making [Badu] cry”, and a dissertation on how relationships go wrong.

The success of the single set the stage for the unusual Speakerboxx/The Love Below project, which was in no way, shape, or form an “OutKast” album, except by name.  The Love Below was an Andre 3000 solo album, and Speakerboxx was a Big Boi solo album.  To make the point even clearer, both men released singles nearly simultaneously (“The Way You Move” from Speakerboxx, “Hey Ya!” from The Love Below).  

Since then, the two members of OutKast have weaved in and out of each other’s work, with a new album supposedly coming this year.

For now, André 3000 appears to be happy being one of Gillette’s “Masters of Style”, along with actors Gael Garcia Bernal and Adrien Brody (who has a face that makes me want to punch it, and I’m non-violent, and I suspect that isn’t the reaction Gillette wanted).

Tomorrow, a Chicago band that hit quickly, broke up quickly, then reunited for a one-time event that’s lasted over 30 years…

Other songs that reached #1 on February 17:
1958 –
“Sugartime” by The Maguire Sisters (their second, 4 weeks, Disk Jockey chart)
1962 – “Duke of Earl” by Gene “Duke of Earl” Chandler (his first, 3 weeks)


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