Day 57: Born This Way

Song: “Born This Way” by Lady GaGa
Reached #1: February 26, 2011 (her third, 6 weeks)

The long-form video–in other words, EXTRA WEIRDNESS! Skip to 2:49 for the actual song… or start at o:oo for a side order of bizarre…

Lady GaGa did “Born This Way”.  Madonna did “Walk This Way”.  Coincidence?

Probably, but if you buy the theory that Lady G is Madonna turned up to 11, it’s also not a surprise.

Thing is, Stefani Germanotta would’ve been a star under any other name – now would she have been the tabloid sensation she is now as Lady GaGa?  Probably not.  But she’d have still made a cubic assload of money and would have been a force in entertainment. 

However, she made the choice to become a performance artist as much as a singer, and so she’ll be judged.  And I think while it’ll help in the short run, it’ll trivialize her in the long run.  After the songs are done, all that’s left is your reputation – and hers is freaking weird.

I’ll leave you with a bonus today.  This song inspired my favorite artist, Weird Al Yankovic, to poke fun at Lady G’s far-over-the-top image… here’s his rework of this song, “Perform This Way”:

No bonus weirdness. It doesn’t need it.

If you get a chance, Google the story of Weird Al’s parody – and how it almost didn’t happen after Lady G’s management denied permission… without telling her.

Tomorrow, back to Planet Earth – for our second appearance of an English star of Greek extraction…

Other songs that reached #1 on February 26:
1961 –
“These Boots Are Made For Walking” by Nancy Sinatra (her first, 1 week)
1977 – “New Kid In Town” by the Eagles (their third, 1 week).


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