Day 71: You’re Beautiful

Song: “You’re Beautiful” by James Blunt
Reached #1: March 11, 2006 (his first, 1 week)

Possible one-hit wonder?

Five years later, there’s some question as to whether James Blunt will wind up being a one-hit wonder.  He hasn’t been able to recapture the smash success of “You’re Beautiful” – other than this song, his highest-charting US single hit #66.

The video is creepy, actually – it’s a depiction of a man killing himself, which makes me wonder how it got past the Morality Police (maybe they finally gave up on music videos?).

To be honest, though, I featured this song because it crosses with an artist I’ve mentioned before – “Weird” Al Yankovic.   It’s not surprising that Yankovic wanted to do a parody of this song – it’s an obvious target.  It’s not even surprising that Blunt allowed the parody (while Yankovic doesn’t have to ask for permission to do parodies, he always does).  However, Blunt’s record label refused to allow the finished parody to appear on the album Yankovic was working on.  Because of their lack of a sense of humor, Yankovic did the only logical thing.  He gave away the MP3 on his website.  Millions of downloads later, the song hit a much wider audience than it would have on an album.  As always, the parodist gets the last laugh… here’s Yankovic’s “You’re Pitiful” live (as this wasn’t an official single, there’s no official video):

Definitely not a one-hit wonder

Tomorrow, we get rickrolled.

Other songs that hit #1 on March 11:
1967 –
“Love Is Here And Now You’re Gone” by the Supremes (their ninth, 1 week)


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