Day 75: Black Water

Song: “Black Water” by the Doobie Brothers
Reached #1: March 15, 1975 (their first, 1 week)

Live in New York, 1996

I knew that occasionally, as I did this blog, real life would catch up with the songs I’d decided to feature.

Just a couple of days ago, the drummer who was so good that he convinced the Doobie Brothers to go with the two-drummer sound, Michael Hossack, died of cancer.

Hossack had joined the group shortly after they started – and left the group just after they recorded What Once Were Vices Are Now Habits, the album that generated “Black Water”.  In fact, even though he was one of the drummers on the Vices sessions, he was listed only as a guest musician when the album was released.  New drummer Keith Knudsen was listed as a group member, even though all he did for this album were some backing vocals.

“Black Water” wasn’t even planned to be a single.   Warner Brothers released two other tracks from this album, and even re-released the group’s first single.  None made an impact – but radio stations fell in love with “Black Water”, and started playing it as an album track, forcing WB Music to release the single.  The rest is, of course, history… setting the ever-shifting Doobie Brothers lineup off on the road to success.  The Doobies now have to shift again… no doubt, they will.

There’s just one song that hit #1 on March 16.  It’s a song that deserves a day to itself, from an artist who wasn’t around to see how big of a hit it became.

Other songs that hit #1 on March 15:
1969 –
“Dizzy” by Tommy Roe (his second, 4 weeks)
1986 – “Sara” by Starship (their second, 1 week)
2008 – “Love In This Club” by Usher feat. Young Jeezy (Usher’s eighth, 3 weeks)


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