Day 88: Rapture

Song: “Rapture” by Blondie
Reached #1: March 28, 1981 (their fourth, 2 weeks)

Yes, this was MTV’s first “rap” video…

Although it’s not really “rap” in the way you’d think of rap now, 30 years later, this is credited as being the first rap video played on MTV… and the first rap single to hit #1.

It’s like there’s two songs here – the first part, “Rapture”, and the second part, the rap.  But it was safe enough for MTV, which premiered later in 1981, to add to the initial playlist – keep in mind that MTV was more of a rock than pop channel in the early days.

The band had so much success early – 4 #1 hits in the US, a big fanbase in the UK – that it seems to have made it impossible for Deborah Harry to really establish herself outside the band… and she has definitely tried.  However, Blondie is what the fans want, and since the band reformed in 1997, that’s what they continue to get.

Blondie got its well-deserved place in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2006 – an induction memorable for two former band members (who hadn’t wanted to be part of the reunion, and who’d sued to prevent use of the “Blondie” name) trying to crash their induction performance.

Tomorrow, we get classical – sort of.

No other songs reached #1 on March 28.


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