Day 99: Maria, Maria

Song: “Maria, Maria” by Santana featuring The Product G&B
Reached #1: April 8, 2000 (his second, 10 weeks)

The product… whom?

Before I get to the song, I have to ask… is any guitarist’s sound as recognizable as Carlos Santana’s, or is it just me?   As they used to say on a famous game show, I can identify a Santana track in two notes…

This was the second #1 single from Santana’s comeback Supernatural album – not that he really needed a comeback, but Carlos Santana hadn’t released an album in 8 years, and hadn’t had a hit album in 17.   Clive Davis worked with Santana to come up with an album full of current pop artist guest appearances – including Matchbox 20’s Rob Thomas (we’ll see that single later this year), Dave Matthews, Lauryn Hill, C-Lo Green, Eagle-Eye Cherry… and a 12-minute track featuring Eric Clapton, which probably drove guitar enthusiasts into a frenzy.

And then there was this track, featuring something called “The Product G&B”.  Turns out they were associated with Wyclef Jean, who co-wrote and co-produced this track.  Jean had to convince Davis to release this as a single – 10 weeks at #1 may have proven this to have been a good idea…

…and this is one song that may live forever, in another venue.  Carlos Santana is a partner in a few restaurants called “Maria Maria”, with the original concept inspired by both the song and Santana himself.  There were five at one point, it’s down to three locations (in California and Texas) now.

Tomorrow, for Day 100 of the project, a Scandinavian group who are one of the best-known alumni of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Other songs that reached #1 on April 8:
1989 –
“The Look” by Roxette (their first, 1 week)
2006 – “Bad Day” by Daniel Powter (his first, 5 weeks)


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