Day 101: No Scrubs

Song: “No Scrubs” by TLC
Reached #1: April 10, 1999 (their third, 4 weeks)
Previously: Day 28

Are you a scrub?

“No Scrubs” came out during a time when the Billboard chartmasters were struggling with a growing split between radio and record labels – radio would play songs weeks before the official single release, which (of course) blurred the distinction of what was “a hit single”.

The song was in the Billboard Top 10 before it was released to the public as a single – which meant that as soon as it got an official release, it had to hit #1, and did.

It was shortly after this song hit the charts that Lisa Lopes started a feud with her bandmates over her contributions to the group, feeling she wasn’t getting enough attention, apparently.  She actually challenged the group to do three solo albums in one package to somehow prove which one was the best singer… cooler heads did prevail, and the members of TLC did go on to do solo albums, but the three-CD package never materialized.

Tomorrow, a return visit from an artist who got her stage name from a song that was almost as strange as she is…

Other songs that hit #1 on April 10:
1965 –
“I’m Telling You Now” by Freddie And The Dreamers (their first, 2 weeks)


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