Day 102: Poker Face

Song: “Poker Face” by Lady Gaga
Reached #1: April 11, 2009 (her second, 1 week)
Previously: Day 57

Were you trying to read my poker face?

Once upon a time, there was a flamboyant artist prone to dress up in increasingly-bizarre costumes.  This artist was known for saying anything to the media, and for over-the-top antics on and off stage.

And yes, Freddie Mercury did have an indirect impact on Lady Gaga’s career.

The young Stefani Germanotta was a big fan of Queen, and – of course – Freddie Mercury.  At some point she discovered a song that happens to be one of my favorite Queen tracks, Roger Taylor’s “Radio Ga Ga”.  That was the song with the somewhat trippy video based on the classic film “Metropolis”.

Anyway, Stefani loved the song so much that she made it her stage name.  Which leads to a question that’ll never be answered.

What would she have done if Waters had stuck to the original working title of the song…

“Radio Ca Ca”?

Tomorrow, a single from an iconic ‘60s Broadway show…

…and for now, some Radio Ga Ga…

Radio… someone still loves you…

Other songs that reached #1 on April 11:
1970 –
“Let It Be” by the Beatles (their nineteenth, 2 weeks)
1981 – “Kiss On My List” by Hall & Oates (their second, 3 weeks)


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