Day 107: Don’t Give Up On Us

Song: “Don’t Give Up On Us” by David Soul
Reached #1: April 16. 1977 (his first, 1 week)

Hutch Sings!

You can tell there was only one #1 today, can’t you?  Let’s face it, David Soul’s music career, such as it was, occurred only because he was starring in Starsky and Hutch.   He’s got a voice that might not crack the top 24 at American Idol and basically was an early David Hasselhoff.

OK, that’s the conventional wisdom.  The reality is that he was an early Hasselhoff – only his musical success came in the United Kingdom, where he’s had multiple top 10 singles, and has become a regular performer on the West End musical stage.  In fact, he’s so loved over there that he took British citizenship in 2004.

The song became a punchline in the 2004 remake of Starsky and Hutch.  Soul heard Owen Wilson sing the song – and promptly went to the recording studio to do a new version himself…

…and really, that’s all I’ve got.

Tomorrow, another day with just one #1 song – but it’s from a real band with a real music career…

No other songs reached #1 on April 16.


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