Day 110: Kiss

Song: “Kiss” by Prince & The Revolution
Reached #1: April 19, 1986 (his third, 2 weeks)


As if we didn’t think Prince was unique already, I’m sure there are almost no other artists who block their music on YouTube.  I guess I can understand why, as he’s always been very protective of his work… but there are so many other services…

…then again, it was that level of defensiveness that may have helped end The Revolution as Prince’s backing band.   There had been turnover, disputes, and jealousy among members of The Revolution, taking Prince’s focus off his music – so a few months after “Kiss” hit #1, Prince fired The Revolution.

But for all of his quirkiness, and self-interest, Prince wasn’t above borrowing from others.  “Kiss” wasn’t going to be a Prince & The Revolution single.  He hadn’t gotten what he wanted out of the first draft, so Prince turned it over to one of his associated acts, Mazarati.  They reworked the song, giving Prince the rough draft for his approval.  He liked it so much, he edited their lead vocal out, put himself back in, and (crediting Mazarati as co-writers, to be fair) released it himself.

The video above features guitarist Wendy Melvoin, who along with Lisa Coleman, were the two women who never got far from Prince’s orbit – especially while Prince was dating Wendy Melvoin’s twin sister, Savannah.  Oddly, it wasn’t until 2009 that Wendy & Lisa outed themselves – like they needed to tell us?

Yesterday, April 18, 2012, “America’s Oldest Teenager” passed away.  Without Dick Clark, we may never have seen most of the music profiled in this blog.  He was already proving to be difficult to replace.  He will be sorely missed.

Tomorrow, the sound of a city… and, for once, that phrase may well be accurate.

Other songs that reached #1 on April 19:
1980 –
“Call Me” by Blondie (their second, 6 weeks)


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