Day 116: Jump

Song: “Jump” by Kris Kross
Reached #1: April 25, 1992 (their first, 8 weeks)

One “Jump” or two?

Kris Kross, as you may or may not remember, was a pair of tween rappers from Atlanta.  You may not remember because, after “Jump”, they fell off the pop-culture radar as fast as they arrived.

Jermaine Dupri (who would go on to several levels of infamy, including being a pivotal force in the infliction of Justin Bieber on America) found the two Chrisses in an Atlanta shopping mall – at the time, Dupri was 18 – and somehow convinced them to let him sign them to a contract.  It did work out – the Totally Krossed Out album was huge – but there isn’t much longevity in a tween group.  There’s this thing called puberty, and it does things to young men’s voices… and Kris Kross didn’t make it through that transition.  The duo stopped recording by the time they were 18.

AOL Radio called this song one of the 100 Worst of All Time (at #34) in 2010, but was careful to point the blame not at Kris Kross, but at songwriters Dupri and Treach.  Unfortunately, that’s all the article said, so if there’s a deeper story there, good luck finding it now.

Tomorrow, the longest title ever to hit #1.

Other songs that reached #1 on April 25:
1960 –
“Stuck On You” by Elvis Presley with the Jordanaires (Elvis’ twelfth, 4 weeks)
1970 – “ABC” by the Jackson Five (his third, 2 weeks)
1998 – “Too Close” by Next (their first, 5 weeks)


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