Day 118: Baby, Baby

Song: “Baby, Baby” by Amy Grant
Reached #1: April 27, 1991 (her first solo #1, 2 weeks)

Oh, baby…

Let’s give Amy Grant the credit she deserves.  She is one of the few Christian singers to cross over to pop music – and may be the only one who didn’t ride “worship music” to do so.  She decided that when she did pop music, it’d be pop music – an approach which got her a #1 duet with Peter Cetera and this #1 solo single.

I guess you also have to give her credit for remaining part of the Christian music community after a divorce and remarriage.  That fanbase isn’t known for its tolerance, so when her marriage to Gary Chapman collapsed in 1999, and she then married Vince Gill in 2000, you’d have expected the Christian audience to drop her quickly.

That same community, to an extent, turned on her when she started doing pop – how dare a gospel singer become “worldly”… or worse, take advantage of her looks to sell records?  Yes, she heard all of that when she started doing pop music.  

Today, she’s still got one foot in each genre, doing Christmas-season themed tours with Vince Gill, the occasional pop concert, and the occasional gospel album.  All in all, it seems to have worked out well for her.

Tomorrow, we revisit a pioneering New Wave band…

Other songs that reached #1 on April 27:
1963 –
“I Will Follow Him” by Little Peggy March (her first, 3 weeks)


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