Day 119: Heart of Glass

Song: “Heart of Glass” by Blondie
Reached #1: April 28, 1979 (their first, 1 week)
Previously: Day 88

Fun with a disco ball

When we first saw Blondie about a month ago, they were making MTV safe for rap music by doing a rock/rap fusion single (“Rapture”).

Before that, they may have invented dance rock.  “Heart of Glass” was going to be a straight rock track until someone – and history quibbles about who – decided to give it a bit of a disco twist.  The track’s producer, Mike Chapman, has alternately said it was his idea or it was Debbie Harry’s.  The fact that the band played disco tracks in their live sets at least a year before the record was produced might point more to Harry being the driving force.

Either way, after they endured the predictable cries of “sellout” from the New York New Wave club scene, they laughed all the way to the bank, with not only one of their biggest singles, but a song that hit Rolling Stone’s Top 500 of all time and that may have changed the course of music history. 

So we’ve seen Blondie twice, and we’ve seen them right in the middle of changing musical trends twice.  I guess it’s safe to say that music as we know it today would be different if it weren’t for Debbie Harry and Blondie.  Must be why they went into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame in 2006…

There were no #1s on April 29, but we have something fun lined up for tomorrow…

Other songs that reached #1 on April 28:
1958 –
“Witch Doctor” by David Seville (his first, 3 weeks, Top 100 and Best Seller charts)


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