Day 126: Reunited

Song: “Reunited” by Peaches & Herb
Reached #1: May 5, 1979 (their first, 4 weeks)

Which Peaches is which?

Here’s one you probably didn’t know.  “Peaches” is a brand name, not a person.

In fact, over Herb Fame’s 45-year music career, six women have played the role of “Peaches” in the duo.  Several times, the current “Peaches” left the duo when Fame decided to go back to the other constant in his life, law enforcement.

Fame’s only #1 hit featured Peaches III, Linda Greene, who performed with Fame from 1976 to 1986 – the second run for Fame’s act, between his time in the District of Columbia Police and his time in the U.S. Marshals.  Greene was suggested for the role by the guy who made “The Hustle” famous, Van McCoy.

The first Peaches was actually nicknamed “Peaches”.  But Francine Barker didn’t like touring, so Marlene Mack took over for a year.  Then came Greene.  In 1990, Patrice Hawthorne stepped in for a little while before Fame retired the act again.  The 2008 comeback featured Wanda Makle, who was replaced by Spanish singer Meritxell Negre in 2009, the year Fame and Negre released a new Peaches & Herb album.

The irony is that Fame no longer needs to perform – he is doing it for love of the business.  Why?  He’s one of the rare artists to win a large royalty lawsuit – in 2001, he was able to prove in court that his record label had seriously cheated the Fame/Greene version of Peaches & Herb on royalties and, more surprisingly, was able to get them to actually pay the judgment.

Tomorrow is the penultimate “day without a #1”.  We’ll think of something, eh?

Other songs that reached #1 on May 6:
1956 –
“Hot Diggity (Dog Diggity Boom)” by Perry Como (his first, 1 week, Disk Jockey chart)
1962 – “Soldier Boy” by the Shirelles (their second, 3 weeks)
2007 – “Girlfriend” by Avril Lavigne (her first, 1 week)


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