Day 127: I Wanna Be Your #1

This is the eighth of the nine days this year where there is no new #1 – the last won’t be until September.  Today, we’re looking at one of the songs that hit #1 yesterday. 

Song: “Girlfriend” by Avril Lavigne
Reached #1: May 5, 2007 (her first, 1 week)

Hey hey you you…

Yes, this was Avril Lavigne’s first US #1 hit.  I was just as surprised as you to find that “Complicated” stopped at #2, since it seemed to be all over the place in 2002.

But here’s the remarkable thing… for everything she’s done – 4 albums, acting, designing, getting married, getting divorced, and making herself a one-woman conglomerate – she’s just 27.

The parallel I’ll draw is to someone like Stevie Wonder.  When I was doing oldies radio, I would occasionally remind listeners of Wonder’s comparative youth – he turns 62 on Mother’s Day 2012 – by way of showing the kind of career he’s had (and continues to have).

Lavigne’s career is just as impressive.  She hit #1 around the world at age 17.  She has always written or co-written her own material (even settling a plagiarism lawsuit over “Girlfriend” with the plaintiffs admitting that the “plagiarism” was actually just commonly-used lyrics).  She’s a clothing designer (yes, for Kohl’s, but still…).  She’s an actress and voice-over performer.  And she’s 27.  When I was 27, I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do when I grew up.  *ahem* But this isn’t about me…

Given her demonstrated ability to reinvent herself – she’s gone from skater girl to goth girl to pop star – I have no doubt that, like Wonder, she’ll stay relevant for a long time to come… while I’m still figuring out what I want to do when I grow up. *ahem* But…

Tomorrow, we’re welcomed to one of the longest #1’s ever…

No songs reached #1 on May 6.


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