Day 138: The Greatest Love Of All

Song: “The Greatest Love Of All” by Whitney Houston
Reached #1: May 17, 1986 (her third, 3 weeks)
Previously: Day 9

…remind us how we used to be…

One thing I decided before I started this project is that once I posted a daily song, I wasn’t going back and editing the post.

On February 11, I almost broke that rule.  Of course, that was the day Whitney Houston died.  A month earlier, on January 9, I had posted “So Emotional” as the #1 of the day, writing that “although she’s had issues the last couple of years, she seems to have come out of it OK.”

I know I wasn’t the only person who watched from outside the Hollywood bubble and felt that way.  We clearly had no idea.

Ironically, just yesterday, her ex-husband did an interview with Ellen Degeneres about Whitney.  I didn’t watch, as Bobby Brown is the indirect cause of her death (although we’ll never know if she’d have discovered drugs without him).  I’m sure he put on a great show of sorrow and contrition, as per the Hollywood Image Rebuilding Handbook, but… no, not terribly interested, really.

It’s a shame, really… Whitney’s death overshadows the story of this song, which was written by Linda Creed as she battled the breast cancer that ultimately killed her a month before “Love” went to #1… or that it was originally performed by George Benson for the Muhammad Ali bio The Greatest.  Nobody knows that today, of course.  This is now and forever one of Whitney’s songs.  And I can’t decide if that’s good, bad, or just the way it is…

Tomorrow, I promise we’ll be a lot sillier.

No other songs reached #1 on May 17.


2 comments on “Day 138: The Greatest Love Of All

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