Day 141: With A Little Luck

Song: “With A Little Luck” by Wings
Reached #1: May 20, 1978 (their fifth, 3 weeks)

It really was released as a Wings single…

Paul McCartney never could work out the billing for Wings music.   They started out in 1971 as “Wings” (a name inspired by a dream McCartney had while waiting for his daughter Stella to be born)… but someone, somewhere, must’ve felt that they needed to make it clear who the driving force was…

…so in 1973, they were renamed as “Paul McCartney & Wings”.   You get the sense this wasn’t Sir Paul’s doing, as after a couple of albums with his name on it, the band was rebilled as “Wings”.  That makes sense – with Linda involved, it did seem odd that Paul would put his name on the project.  If anything, he’d have done what he did with “Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey” and billed it under both of their names.

The band was McCartney’s transition from the Beatles to a solo career – lasting until 1981.  Several other band members, most notably ex-Moody Blue Denny Laine, have done a couple of one-off reunions, but McCartney has long since moved on from “Wings”.

It was during the Wings era that McCartney – one of the UK’s most popular people (not just a singer, of course) – was banned from the BBC twice.  It’s probably not a stretch to figure out why “Give Ireland Back To The Irish” never aired on BBC in 1972 (and was referred to as “Wings single” on the BBC charts)… but the BBC claimed there were drug and overt sex references on the “Hi, Hi, Hi” single later that year and banned it as well.  The BBC was a bit strait-laced. 

Tomorrow, an 11-week #1 which started as a country crossover single before a boy band took it to the top.

Other songs that reached #1 on May 20:
1967 –
“Groovin’” by the Young Rascals (their second, 4 weeks)
1989 – “Forever Your Girl” by Paula Abdul (their second, 2 weeks)


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