Day 173: Love Will Keep Us Together

Song: “Love Will Keep Us Together” by Captain and Tennille
Reached #1: June 21, 1975 (their first, 4 weeks)

The way they met is a story that probably would’ve been rejected as a movie plot.

He was playing keyboards for the Beach Boys when he heard about an opening as a keyboardist for a musical she’d written.  He auditioned, got the gig, and they became friends fairly quickly.

Then the Beach Boys needed a keyboardist – and it turned out she was pretty good.  She got the gig, and to this day is the only woman ever to perform as a member of the Beach Boys.

Of course, he’s “Captain” Daryl Dragon and she’s Toni Tennille.  After the Beach Boys tour, they started writing songs together, then performing together, then they did their first album, Love Will Keep Us Together.

The title track – written and originally released by Neil Sedaka – was their first single and biggest hit.  It’s also pretty much the only song of theirs that has lasted – they had four other top 5 singles out of their first two albums, but they don’t get much attention any longer.

I’ve wondered if it’s because the fifth of those singles is, arguably, one of the worst songs in the history of recorded music.  They didn’t write the song – Willis Alan Ramsey did – and they didn’t release it first – America did a version two years before the Captain and Tennille – but their version of “Muskrat Love” is the one that’s been hitting “worst song ever” lists for close to 40 years.

They have outlasted the muskrats though, as the Dragons have been married for 37 years… in a business where 37-minute marriages happen, that probably stands as their biggest accomplishment.

A couple of years ago, proving that there is no song safe from them, Nickelback covered “Love Will Keep Us Together”.  Click “Play” at your own risk.

Tomorrow, the artist who may have been Canada’s most popular export before Molson and Céline Dion…

No other songs reached #1 on June 21.


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