Day 176: Be With You

Song: “Be With You” by Enrique Iglesias
Reached #1: June 24, 2000 (his second, 3 weeks)

He may know whereof he sings…

There was no doubt that Enrique Iglesias was going to go into the family business.  OK, perhaps Julio Iglesias doubted it – it’s believed he was against the idea.   Perhaps that’s why the younger Iglesias did demo tapes under an assumed name before releasing his first Spanish-language album in 1995.

He crossed over to English-language music with the Wild Wild West soundtrack hit “Bailamos” before releasing “Be With You” from the Enrique LP.

And now that I’ve written four sentences without mentioning Anna Kournikova, perhaps I should fix that omission.

They’ve been together for a decade – maybe – or they’ve broken up, or married, or divorced, or… sheesh.  Maybe they should just call off the hounds and tell us what they’re up to…

They started dating in 2001. That much, the tabloids think we know.    In 2003, the tabs married them off (about the same time as they were claiming Kournikova was either married to or divorcing Sergei Federov).  They did it again in 2005.  In 2007, Iglesias supposedly told the (now-closed) New York Sun that they not only weren’t married, but broken up – an interview he promptly recanted.   In 2008, he told a British tabloid that they had married in 2007 and separated in 2008… but in 2010, Kournikova told British chat show host Graham Norton that they’ve been together all along but didn’t see a reason to get married.

So… 10 out of 10 points for creativity in keeping themselves in the public eye, but at this point, they could stage a massive church wedding in Madrid and I don’t think anyone would believe them…

Imagine how interested the tabs would have been in them if she’d ever actually done anything in tennis…

Tomorrow, one of the biggest of the ‘80s teen pop stars…

Other songs that reached #1 on June 24:
1989 –
“Satisfied” by Richard Marx (his second, 1 week)


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