Day 186: Baby Got Back

Song: “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-A-Lot
Reached #1: July 4, 1992 (his first, 5 weeks)


If you want a hysterically… um… “white” explanation of this song, hit Wikipedia.  The “Synopsis” section is hysterical.

Of course, “Baby Got Back” entered the cultural lexicon as soon as Sir Mix-A-Lot released it… for men (and lesbians) who admire a curvy woman, this is their go-to song.

For Anthony Ray, the Sir Mix-A-Lot persona has been quite profitable – although he only had the one #1 pop hit, he’s been a regular on the dance charts.  He’s also had fun with “Baby Got Back”, doing parody versions for various TV shows, and generally winking at the joke.

You missed it if you blinked, but Sir Mix-A-Lot played the Rod Serling role on UPN’s Twilight Zone ripoff, The Watcher

Today, he’s making a bit of a comeback after almost a decade on the sidelines, producing other artists.  There’s a new album in the works (announced in 2010, still not released).  But no matter what he does, he’s always got “Back”.

Tomorrow, an artist who has back… and front… and talent… and who may wind up being the defining artist of the ‘00s.

Other songs that reached #1 on July 4:
1964 –
“I Get Around” by the Beach Boys (their first, 2 weeks)


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