Day 187: I Kissed A Girl

Song: “I Kissed A Girl” by Katy Perry
Reached #1: July 5, 2008 (her first, 7 weeks)

…did she, though?

I’m sure nobody will say so, but I think there’s a bit of intentional synchronicity in the fact that Katy Perry’s documentary, Part of Me, comes out today… on the 4th anniversary of her unofficial “arrival” as a pop star.

It’s been an interesting trip, to be sure. 12 years ago, she was a teenaged Christian singer under her given name, Katy Hudson.  8 years ago, she signed to Columbia Records as Katy Perry (to avoid confusion with a certain actress).  6 years ago, she was in the process of being dropped by Columbia, who never quite understood what they had.  4 years ago, she was celebrating her first pop #1.  Today, she’s one of the biggest pop stars ever, with the movie premiering today after her appearance at the New York 4th of July fireworks show last night.

Maybe it’s because of her insular Christian background, or maybe it’s despite it, but she comes off as America’s Girl Next Door – with a bit of an edge.   Let’s face it, her stagewear is hardly Christian… but she’s also made it clear that while she’s doing pop, she’s not planning to stray from her core beliefs.  Even after her blip-on-the-radar marriage to Russell Brand, which came across as a late case of teenage rebellion… and which actually isn’t over until the end of this month.

I wonder if she’ll keep to her plans for the next album – “darker” and edgier.  Sounds like a good way to lose a fanbase, so you have to figure Capitol Records might be working to talk her out of it.

Tomorrow… no, the title didn’t come from any drunken slip of the tongue…

Other songs that reached #1 on July 5:
1986 –
“There’ll Be Sad Songs (To Make You Cry)” by Billy Ocean (his second, 1 week)


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