Day 188: Sussudio

Song: “Sussudio” by Phil Collins
Reached #1: July 6, 1985 (his third, 1 week)


Right.  Let’s get the urban legend out of the way first.  Phil Collins did not come up with the song title while drunkenly trying to find his “st-st-st-studio” one night. 

Instead, it was all a little more straightforward.  He was working on a drum track in the st-st-studio (sorry) and, as he apparently did with all of his tracks, needed a couple of syllables as a placeholder lyric for scanning purposes.  He came up with “sussudio”, and promptly commenced to find something better.  When he couldn’t, he ran with the nonsense word. 

It’s become one of his more recognizable singles, as much because the title doesn’t appear anywhere else as because it’s a great song.  Unique is, as always, good.

Unfortunately, it’s unlikely we’ll ever hear “Sussudio” – or any of Collins’ music – live again.  Collins is deaf in one ear due to a viral infection, and almost three years after surgery to repair damaged vertebrae, his hands still aren’t functioning normally.  He retired in March 2011, at age 60.

However, the Collins name remains visible – his daughter, Lily, is an actress and TV presenter.  You’ve seen her in the Julia Roberts “Snow White” retelling, Mirror Mirror.

Tomorrow, this is what it sounds like…

Other songs that reached #1 on July 6:
1963 –
“Easier Said Than Done” by the Essex (their first, 2 weeks)
1974 – “Rock The Boat” by the Hues Corporation (their first, 1 week)


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