Day 193: I Gotta Feeling

Song: “I Gotta Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas
Reached #1: July 11, 2009 (their second, 14 weeks)
Previously: Day 109

Mazel tov!

As I mentioned back on April 18, “I Gotta Feeling” completed the Peas’ ridiculous 26-week run at #1 in 2009.  It was as complete a domination of the #1 spot as any act ever had – even the Beatles, in 1964, didn’t spend 26 straight weeks at #1.  And it’s not even close – Usher held the #1 spot for 19 weeks in 2004 with “Yeah!” and “Burn”.

Before The E.N.D., the Peas took 4 years off from working together (2005-09).  Clearly, there was a pent-up demand for the Peas’ music… which may be why the group is currently on another extended hiatus.  In 2011, they announced that their November concert in Miami was their last before some time off.

Something tells me that when the Peas get back together in a couple of years, their first two singles might just blow “Boom” and “Feeling” out of the water.  They’ve learned something that most acts never do – nobody will ever miss you if you never go away…

Of course, there’s always something for fans of the Peas…’s new album, #willpower, is coming out this year…

I gotta feeling that tomorrow, I’ll cover a legendary one-hit wonder.

Other songs that hit #1 on July 11:
1960 –
“Alley Oop” by the Hollywood Argyles (their first, 1 week)
1970 – “Mama Told Me (Not To Come)” by Three Dog Night (their first, 2 weeks)
1987 – “Alone” by Heart (their second, 3 weeks)


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