Day 199: Bills, Bills, Bills

Song: “Bills, Bills, Bills” by Destiny’s Child
Reached #1: July 17, 1999 (their first, 1 week)

Destiny’s Child Version 1.0

If this song rings a familiar note, it might be because the producer and writer had recently completed TLC’s “No Scrubs” before working on Destiny’s Child’s second album…

This, of course, came from the first version of Destiny’s Child – at a time where it wasn’t totally obvious that “Destiny’s Child” meant “Beyoncé and Friends” to the Knowles family.  They were still the quartet that had started a decade earlier as Girl’s Tyme.  While this was their first #1, it was “Say My Name” that really cemented Destiny’s Child as a group to reckon with…

…and the arrival of Destiny’s Child version 2.0.  Two of the members of the group (the two that weren’t Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland) decided that the group’s management (the Knowles family) weren’t treating them fairly.   One could make the case that what happened next proved the point – the two complainants were probably as surprised as anyone to see the video for “Say My Name” come out with two other singers in their place.

Lawsuits ensued, then were settled.  One of the two new singers barely lasted a few months.  The other, Michelle Williams, stayed with Knowles and Rowland through the group’s breakup in 2006.

They are getting back together this year, with a “Greatest Hits” collection and tour in the works.

Tomorrow, the “sound” of the ‘60s…

No other songs reached #1 on July 17.


One comment on “Day 199: Bills, Bills, Bills

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