Day 205: Hold On To The Nights

Song: “Hold On To The Nights” by Richard Marx
Reached #1: July 23, 1988 (his first, 1 week)

Hold on…

“Hold On To The Nights” was the fourth single in an incredible run of success at the start of Richard Marx’ career.  He became the first male solo artist to put his first seven singles into the Billboard Top 5 – including three straight #1 singles.  “Hold On To The Nights” was the first, followed by “Satisfied” and “Right Here Waiting”.

On the other hand, after those seven straight top 5 singles, he never hit the Top 5 again.

But it’s not like he disappeared from the music business.  He’s a prolific songwriter – he’s written for and produced a diverse range of acts, from ‘80s girl rockers Vixen to Michael Bolton to Billy Ray Cyrus.  He’s toured with Ringo Starr’s All-Starrs. 

And he’s done something incredibly rare in entertainment – he’s been married for 23 years to former Animotion lead singer and Flashdance dancer Cynthia Rhodes.

So… depending on how you define a “music career”, he was either a 3-year flash in the pan, or a huge success.

Tomorrow, a memorable soundtrack single… that was only used because the movie couldn’t get the song it really wanted…

Other songs that reached #1 on July 23:
1977 –
“Looks Like We Made It” by Barry Manilow (his third, 1 week)


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