Day 210: Hey There Delilah

Song: “Hey There Delilah” by the Plain White T’s
Reached #1: July 28, 2007 (their first, 2 weeks)

Hey there, blog reader…

earworm (n.) – “A song that sticks in your mind, and will not leave no matter how much you try.” (Urban Dictionary)

Or, I suppose, an easier definition is…

earworm (n.) – “Hey There Delilah” by the Plain White T’s.

Seriously, is it even possible to hear this song and NOT get it stuck in your head for a while?  I mean, it’s been played approximately 1.8 gazillion times on radio in the 5 years since it hit #1 – it’s been beaten into our heads harder than even the Geneva Convention would allow.

The irony is that the song took damn near forever to become a hit.  It was recorded for the T’s third album, All That We Needed, in 2004, and originally released as a single in the spring of 2006.  The group even released their fourth album, Every Second Counts (with an extended version of the song), before the original version became a hit.

While they certainly have time to fix this, for now, the T’s can be considered an almost-one-hit-wonder.  They do have two other top 40 hits, but “Hey There Delilah” is, by far, the only song the band is really known for.

Delilah is a real person, although she never dated anyone from the Plain White T’s.  She’s Delilah DiCrescenzo, an Olympic-class steeplechase runner who failed to make the 2012 US Olympic Team.

Tomorrow, we switch gears abruptly, from an earworm to a Lizard King.

Other songs that reached #1 on July 28:
1956 –
Two songs hit #1 on different charts:
     – “I Want You, I Need You, I Love You” by Elvis Presley (his second, 1 week, Best Seller chart)
     – “I Almost Lost My Mind” by Pat Boone (his second, 4 weeks, Jukebox chart)
1958 – “Patricia” by Perez Prado & His Orchestra (their second, 1 week, Top 100 and Disk Jockey charts)


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