Day 218: Miss You

Song: “Miss You” by the Rolling Stones
Reached #1: August 5, 1978 (their eighth, 1 week)
Previously: Day 64, Day 163, Day 192

It’s always better live…

So… what do the Beatles and the Rolling Stones have in common?

There are a lot of potential #1 answers, but for the purposes of today’s blog, it’s #1 singles that involved Billy Preston.

Of course, the Beatles’ “Get Back” features Preston in the song’s credit line.  Preston doesn’t get credit for “Miss You”, but the song apparently started in a jam session featuring Preston and Mick Jagger.  The song is credited, as all Stones songs are, to Jagger/Richards but they’ve been pretty open about Preston’s contribution.

The single version – and the live version that’s based on it – are a slightly different song that the original jam or the Some Girls version.  Not only was the song shortened from 9 minutes (jam) to 5 minutes (album) to 3:30 (single), but the single was actually a new mix instead of an edit of the album version.

For the Stones, this is their last single to hit #1 in the Billboard Hot 100.  Their biggest hit since was the eventual Microsoft jingle, “Start Me Up”, hitting #2 in 1981.   The last Top 5 hit was “Mixed Emotions” in 1989.  Their last original chart single hit #94 in 1998 (“Saint Of Me”).  And to the millions of fans who are clamoring for the 50th Anniversary Tour – which may happen this fall or next spring – none of that matters.  It’s been rumored that the tour, when it happens, will be a “farewell” tour.  I would hope it isn’t billed that way – like most rock bands, a “farewell” tour won’t be “farewell” at all.  It’ll be “see you next time”, so why pretend otherwise?

Tomorrow, a quirky #1 from a singer who may be the poster girl for “quirky”… right up to the story of how her only #1 happened.

Other songs that reached #1 on August 5:
1989 –
“Batdance” by Prince (his fourth, 1 week)


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