Day 222: Jive Talkin’

Song: “Jive Talkin’” by the Bee Gees
Reached #1: August 9, 1975 (their second, 2 weeks)

No Jive here…

The story goes that this song started as a car song – “Drive Talking” – inspired by the sound of their car as they drove to their Miami studio.  The song stalled, though, so when they realized that “Drive Talking” sounded like “Jive Talkin’”, they reworked the song.

Alas, the Bee Gees, being British by way of Australia, didn’t realize what “Jive Talk” was.  Their producer – Arif Mardin – explained… and the song became the one we know now, about lies and disguises.

It may seem odd now, but “Jive Talkin’” went to #1 before the huge success of the Saturday Night Fever LP, which came out in 1977.  “Jive Talkin’” was added to the SNF soundtrack even though the scene where the song was to be used wound up on the cutting room floor… so, officially, SNF produced three #1s (“How Deep Is Your Love”, “Stayin’ Alive”, and “Night Fever”) and inherited one.

There’s probably a good book in the story of the Gibb family… from the short life and sudden death of the fourth Gibb, Andy, to the losses of Maurice and Robin in the last decade… leaving Barry Gibb to keep an eye on the Bee Gees’ legacy.  Of course, a movie is somewhere in pre-production, allegedly to be produced by Steven Spielberg.

Tomorrow, perhaps the youngest person ever to have a #1 single… at age 13.

No other songs reached #1 on August 9.


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