Day 233: Best Of My Love

Song: “Best Of My Love” by the Emotions
Reached #1: August 20, 1977 (their first, 5 weeks)

Best of their career

The Emotions are an old-fashioned American family business.

In Chicago, Joseph and Lillian Hutchinson found themselves the parents of a small brood of musical talents – a son and five daughters.  Three of the girls, Jeannette, Sheila, and Wanda, started singing in Joseph’s church at a very young age before becoming The Emotions in 1968.  When Jeannette got pregnant, a couple of family friends stepped in for a while… but Jeannette was back in the fold in time for the Emotions to collaborate with Earth, Wind & Fire’s Maurice White. 

“Best Of My Love” was the one big single from the Rapture album that White produced for the Emotions – but Jeannette got pregnant again and had to miss out.  Younger sister Pamela stepped in for the Rapture album and tour.  Two years later, the group reunited with EWF for “Boogie Wonderland”, giving the sisters their second (and to date, last) big hit.

Jeannette returned to the group for a while, but has since retired.  The Emotions, today, are Wanda, Pamela, and Sheila Hutchinson… for now.  Wanda has three daughters… something tells me there might be a new generation of the Emotions before too much longer.

Hard to tell, though.  The Emotions’ website was last updated in 2004…

Tomorrow, a one-hit wonder that made up a large part of the cast of MTV2’s “Hip Hop Squares” this past spring…

No other songs reached #1 on August 20.


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