Day 235: Make It With You

Song: “Make It With You” by Bread
Reached #1: August 22, 1970 (their first, 1 week)

From the Midnight Special…

Despite the wisecracks I’ve made over the years (when I was playing Bread’s music on oldies radio), and those others have made, Bread wasn’t really meant to be a David Gates vanity project.

Bread was a 5-man band founded out of the ashes of Gates’ previous band with Robb Royer, The Pleasure Fair.  The new trio called themselves Bread and put out their first album in 1969.

“Make It With You” turned up on Bread’s second album, On The Waters, and became the now-quartet’s only #1 hit. 

The problem came in when the record label, despite the band’s wishes, kept releasing Gates’ songs as singles – despite the fact that each album consisted of half Gates songs, and half songs that Royer did with singer/songwriter Jimmy Griffin (a pairing that continued ever after Royer left the band).  Griffin tired of label favoritism, with some justification, and left the group after their fifth album in 1973.  The breakup lasted three years before the band got back together for a final sixth album in 1976.

Gates went on the road in 1978 as “David Gates & Bread”, leading Griffin to sue as he co-owned the band name but wasn’t invited on the tour.

By 1994, everyone except Gates did a tour as “Toast”.   Gates, in turn, released his first solo album in 17 years.

That must’ve thawed out the cold war – they all (except Royer – his 1971 replacement, Larry Knechtel, came along) did a final 25th anniversary tour in 1996-97.  There won’t be any more.  Only Gates and Royer are still with us – Gates continues to tour, Royer continues to write music.

Tomorrow, a ‘70s band whose name is usually misunderstood… really, there’s only three guys, not four…

Other songs that reached #1 on August 22:
1964 –
“Where Did Our Love Go” by the Supremes (their first, 2 weeks)
1987 – “Who’s That Girl” by Madonna (her sixth, 1 week)


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