Day 236: Fallin’ In Love

Song: “Fallin’ In Love” by Hamilton, Joe Frank, and Reynolds
Reached #1: August 23, 1975 (their first, 1 week)

Hamilton, Joe Frank, and… whom?

There are a couple of things you need to know about Hamilton, Joe Frank, and Reynolds.

First, mind the punctuation.  The band was named for its three founding members – Dan Hamilton, Joe Frank Carollo, and Tommy Reynolds.  All were members of the T-Bones, a one-hit wonder – the hit was a long version of an Alka Seltzer commercial jingle.

The second thing?  The name was wrong by the time they hit #1.

Tommy Reynolds left the band in 1972.   Among his short-term replacements was Larry Knechtel, who later went on to great success with Bread.

By 1974, they’d found his permanent replacement, a fellow named Alan Dennison – but since the group had already hit the charts with “Don’t Pull Your Love”, Playboy Records decided not to let the group change their official name.  I guess you have to feel for Dennison, with people thinking his name was Reynolds.  It’s not nearly as cool as taking the name Dread Pirate Roberts, for example… and even Playboy realized the folly, allowing the band to rename as “Hamilton, Joe Frank, and Dennison” – AFTER the band slipped into near-obscurity.   The renamed band broke up in 1980, and Dan Hamilton died in 1994.

Tomorrow, the soundtrack song that gave a San Francisco band a second chance at chart success…

Other songs that reached #1 on August 23:
1969 –
“Honky Tonk Women” by the Rolling Stones (their fifth, 4 weeks)
2008 – “Disturbia” by Rihanna (her fourth, 2 weeks)


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