Day 244: My Boyfriend’s Back

Song: “My Boyfriend’s Back” by the Angels
Reached #1: August 31, 1963 (their first, 3 weeks)

…and you’re gonna be in trouble…

This wasn’t the version that was supposed to be released.

The Angels recorded this song for songwriters FGG Productions so they could present it to the Shirelles for the eventual single.  However, Smash Records liked this version enough to release it… which, given the nature of pop music in the ‘60s, led to immediate covers by the Chiffons and Martha and the Vandellas.  But it was only this version that hit the top of the charts.

The lineup that sang “My Boyfriend’s Back” 49 years ago still performs together – the most recent gig I can find for them was in 2010, but that’s because their website hasn’t been updated since… 2010.

The trio at the time of “My Boyfriend’s Back” were sisters Barbara and Phyllis Allbut, with Peggy Santiglia, who joined the sisters to replace their original third singer shortly after the group formed.  And it’s Phyllis and Peggy who do most of the touring today, with Barbara joining when she can.

They had to change their name (to the Halos and back to the Angels) and their lineup (Santiglia took time off in the ‘60s and rejoined the group in the ‘70s)… but they’ll always have this song about a guy who won’t take “no” for an answer (until her boyfriend beats it into him)…

Tomorrow, a slightly (ha!) less obscure female singer…

No other songs reached #1 on August 31.


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