Day 278: Baby Boy

Song: “Baby Boy” by Beyoncé feat. Sean Paul
Reached #1: October 4, 2003 (her second, 9 weeks)

Two singles, two #1s

Dangerously In Love was the album that probably finished off Destiny’s Child. 

“Baby Boy” was the second single, second #1, and biggest early hit of Beyoncé’s solo career.  After “Crazy In Love” held #1 for 8 weeks, and “Baby Boy” added 9 more, the handwriting was on the wall for the then-on-hiatus group. 

There are those who believe that Destiny’s Child’s one true purpose was to make the world safe for Beyoncé – her father managed the group and tightly controlled the membership… if so, it worked.

Interestingly, Beyoncé didn’t actually have a truly solo #1 hit until 2006 – her first three hits were all duets with “featured” male artists.  “Crazy In Love” featured then-boyfriend (and current husband) Jay-Z.  Sean Paul was featured on “Baby Boy”, and Slim Thug on “Check On It”.  “Irreplaceable” (off B’Day) was her first #1 without that “featured” tag.

Of course, she’s reached a point where she’s transcended her albums – her concert tours sell out for her name… which might explain why none of the singles off 4 in 2011 got higher than #16 on the pop charts…

Beyoncé is currently on a bit of a maternity break (daughter Blue was born in January 2012), but is working on her fifth solo album – and possibly her sixth as well, if rumors are to be believed. 

And I managed to avoid mentioning Sasha Fierce… oops…

Tomorrow, the #1 hit that started as a song from a German opera.

Other songs that reached #1 on October 4:
1980 –
“Another One Bites The Dust” by Queen (their second, 3 weeks)
1997 – “4 Seasons Of Loneliness” by Boyz II Men (their fourth, 1 week)


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