Day 285: Bad Blood

Song: “Bad Blood” by Neil Sedaka
Reached #1: October 11, 1975 (his third, 3 weeks)

Comeback? Don’t call it a comeback?

Before the British Invasion, Neil Sedaka was in demand as both a singer (one #1 hit) and songwriter (at the Brill Building with Howard Greenfield).

Unfortunately for Sedaka, the British Invasion did, indeed, happen.  From 1962 to 1972, if anyone knew Sedaka at all, it was as a songwriter.  Well, in the USA anyway.  Sedaka revived his career in Australia, and then the UK, in the late ‘60s and early ‘70s, which led to his chance meeting with Elton John in 1973.

John asked the logical question – “who’s your US record label?” – and when Sedaka said he didn’t have one, a contract was quickly negotiated with John’s Rocket Records, and plans were made to get Sedaka back on the radar in the USA.

It worked.  “Laughter In The Rain” hit #1 in 1973.  Two years later, he co-wrote “Love Will Keep Us Together” for the Captain & Tennille before releasing this uncredited duet with Elton John. 

Disco ended Sedaka’s comeback… and American Idol started his second comeback, with a 2003 appearance as a guest judge on a night the performers sang songs he wrote leading to several concert tours and a children’s album.

Today, Sedaka still tours (sometimes with his daughter, Dara, who’s working on her own recording career) and writes music.

Tomorrow… an R&B hit with a bit of an Aussie twang?

Other songs that reached #1 on October 11:
1986 –
“When I Think Of You” by Janet Jackson (her first, 2 weeks)
1997 – “Candle In The Wind 1997 / Something About The Way You Look Tonight” by Elton John (his seventh, 14 weeks)


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