Day 290: Disco Duck

Song: “Disco Duck” by Rick Dees & His Band Of Idiots
Reached #1: October 16, 1976 (his first, 1 week)


Novelty songs have been around as long as rock music has.  It’s rare, though, that one of them hits #1 on the charts…

…unless you choose to skewer the biggest music craze ever.  Rick Dees, who at the time was an obscure morning DJ in Memphis, claims to have written this satire of the disco scene in one night.  I don’t doubt it…

For anyone who’s worked in radio, this won’t be surprising.  Dees’ employer at the time, WMPS, refused to allow Dees to play the song – or even talk about it – claiming it would be a conflict of interest.  Forget the fact that one of your DJs has the #1 song in the nation, it’s a “conflict of interest” to connect to it?  Radio lunacy at its best.  Even better, Dees got fired from WMPS when he did mention the record – once – on-air.

Of course, that only helped Dees in the long run – he went across town to WHBQ, from which he later moved to Los Angeles and became the nationally-known voiceover guy (and host/producer of an American Top 40 knockoff) he became.

You have to wonder though – if Dees’ manager at the time hadn’t rejected the offer from Saturday Night Fever producers to add “Disco Duck” to the soundtrack… yeah, seems Dees’ manager was afraid that a soundtrack placement would hurt Dees’ own album.

Tomorrow, the fourth and last #1 for a popular group out of Indiana…

No other songs reached #1 on October 16.


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