Day 308: Ice Ice Baby

Song: “Ice Ice Baby” by Vanilla Ice
Reached #1: November 3, 1990 (his first, 1 week)

But really, it’s NOT “Under Pressure”…

Queen had two #1 hits on the Hot 100.  So did David Bowie.  The problem was, the song they did together didn’t quite get the credit it deserved when it was sampled to the top of the charts.

“Under Pressure” was a minor hit in the USA when it was released in 1982.  It did have that unique bassline – alternately credited to Bowie or Queen bassist John Deacon – that Vanilla Ice clearly liked.

He liked it so much that he sampled it for “Ice Ice Baby”… then amusingly claimed that it wasn’t the “Under Pressure” riff because there was an extra “dum” in that “dum dum dum ba da dum dum” riff in his song.  Fortunately (and – more important, legally), he was quickly disabused of that notion and proper credit and royalties went to Queen and David Bowie on the single.

Perhaps it was because the song wasn’t even meant to be a single.  It was the B-side of Ice’s cover of “Play That Funky Music” (which bombed)… DJs turned the single over and found a hit.

Sadly, this all became fodder for Irish pop twin idiots Jedward during their run on the British version of X-Factor.  They did a mashup of the lyrics of “Under Pressure” and “Ice Ice Baby” – as “Under Pressure (Ice Ice Baby)” – which is credited for propelling them to the minor level of fame they have.  Ice would later join the dimwits for the single and video (which would be his first credited single in 9 years).  The song went to #1 in Ireland, of course, but fortunately for American audiences, Jedward’s rain of stupidity hasn’t taken hold here.

Tomorrow, the rain has gone…

Other songs that reached #1 on November 3:
1956 –
Two songs reached #1:
     “Love Me Tender / Any Way You Want Me” by Elvis Presley (his fourth, 6 weeks, Best Seller and Disk Jockey charts)
     “The Green Door” by Jim Lowe (his first, 5 weeks, Top 100 charts)
1962 – “He’s A Rebel” by the Crystals (their first, 2 weeks)
1979 – “Pop Muzik” by M (his first, 1 week)
1984 – “Caribbean Queen (No More Love On The Run)” by Billy Ocean (his first, 2 weeks)
2001 – “Family Affair” by Mary J. Blige (her first, 6 weeks)


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