Day 313: Amanda

Song: “Amanda” by Boston
Reached #1: November 8, 1986 (their first, 2 weeks)

Is tomorrow really so far away?

Boston, in short, is defined by eccentricity and lawsuits.

The album that produced “Amanda”, Third Stage, sat in limbo for years as Boston’s spiritual leader, Tom Scholz, faced down a lawsuit by CBS claiming it was taking too long for the album to come out.  The suit was filed in 1981.  “Amanda” leaked in 1984.  The album was released – on MCA Records – in 1986. 

But it’s almost always been a long time between albums for Boston.   Their first two albums followed the usual pattern, coming out in 1976 and 1978.  Then came a hiatus, the CBS lawsuit, the move to MCA, and Third Stage in 1986. 

Scholz finally won the CBS lawsuit in 1990, and lost singer Brad Delp (who wanted to do other projects).  That, plus years tinkering with his studio, delayed the fourth album to 1994. 

The fifth album didn’t start until 1998, and didn’t turn up until 2002, with a very different lineup after all those years.  And the sixth album?  Maybe in 2013.  Maybe.

That sixth album has been in the works so long that it will include vocals by Delp – who committed suicide in 2007.

Through it all, Scholz’ signature pop/metal fusion sound has remained.   Although with a decade to work on it, who knows what he’ll come up with next? 

Tomorrow, we lose ourselves…

Other songs that reached #1 on November 8:
– “Wedding Bell Blues” by the 5th Dimension (their second, 3 weeks)


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