Day 318: Tonight’s The Night

Song: “Tonight’s The Night (Gonna Be Alright)” by Rod Stewart
Reached #1: November 13, 1976 (his second, 8 weeks)
Previously: Day 41

Yes, it’s gonna.

The Wikipedia entry for this song casually mentions that it includes “whispers by Britt Ekland, [Rod] Stewart’s girlfriend at the time”.

And you have to stop and think… whatever you think of his ever-changing musical style, the guy’s been with some seriously stunning women…

Not only was he with Britt Ekland for a couple of years in the ‘70s… moved on to George Hamilton’s ex-wife Alana (who to this day retains the last name Stewart professionally)… then came the Sports Illustrated swimsuit models.  First was Kelly Emberg, then the long marriage to Rachel Hunter (half of which was spent separated, but who’s counting that?).  While still married to Hunter, he started pursuing British model-turned-photographer Penny Lancaster, who he married shortly after the divorce from Hunter.

Keep in mind that Stewart is more than 25 years older than his last two wives (Hunter and Lancaster-Stewart).  Also keep in mind that Stewart’s children range in age from 50 (given up for adoption) to 2 (born when Stewart was 65).  Even better – that two-and-a-half year old son has a two-year-old niece (Stewart’s first grandchild, Delilah del Toro, whose parents are Stewart’s daughter Kimberly and actor Benicio del Toro).

In other words, wouldn’t you like to have had a life like Stewart’s (minus some of the recreational substances)?

Stewart is, of course, still a touring artist – his most recent gig (at this writing) was this past weekend’s Festival of Remembrance, a Remembrance Day performance for Britain’s Royal Family.

Tomorrow, a band that started as a TV show, and wasn’t the Monkees…

Other songs that reached #1 on November 13:
– “We R Who We R” by Ke$ha (her second, 1 week)


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