Day 332: Truly

Song: “Truly” by Lionel Richie
Reached #1: November 27, 1982 (his first, 2 weeks)
Previously: Day 133

Truly a great start to a solo career…

For Lionel Richie’s biggest hits, less seems to be more.  He wrote the #1 “Lady” for Kenny Rogers, and two of his first three #1 singles were “Truly” and “Hello”.

Sadly, this was a lesson lost on his adoptive daughter.

Nicole Escovedo was the daughter of one of Richie’s bandmates when he and his first wife became her guardian – she was 2 at the time.  The Richies adopted Nicole when she was 9.  And despite that, she still turned out to be a vapid California girl who lowered America’s collective IQ while palling around with Paris Hilton.

She did finally tire of Hilton, though, so I guess there’s proof that everyone grows up…

And if it weren’t for Nicole, Lionel Richie wouldn’t have done his most recent televised duet – with his son-in-law, Joel Madden, on Australia’s The Voice this past June.

Of course, Richie’s current focus is the country-duet album Tuskegee, which sees him remaking his biggest hits in duets with country’s biggest names.  The album is selling well, but – to no surprise in today’s music business – the singles aren’t charting at all.

Tomorrow, the song that has become the unofficial anthem of one of the world’s largest cities…

No other songs reached #1 on November 27.


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