Day 334: You Give Love A Bad Name

Song: “You Give Love A Bad Name” by Bon Jovi
Reached #1: November 29, 1986 (their first, 1 week)

Shot through the heart…

Before Jon Bon Jovi was the proud owner of a solo #1 hit, there was the little matter of the band with his name on it…

…and as bands go, Bon Jovi has been very stable.  The core four members, came together shortly after Jon Bon Jovi got “Runaway” placed on a New York-area radio station’s “new artist” album. 

“Runaway” also became the lead single off their debut album – but it wasn’t until the third album, Slippery When Wet, before Bon Jovi hit the top of the pop charts.  They brought in writer Desmond Child and producer Bruce Fairbairn to help make the album successful – and that definitely worked out.

Child has said that the music is a reuse of the structure of his earlier song, Bonnie Tyler’s “If You Were A Woman And I Was A Man”… and there’s been a rumor all along that Bon Jovi’s breakup with Diane Lane had something to do with the song.

At heart, though, it’s Music Writing 101.  Catchy music with an opening that grabs the listener and a hook that you can’t help singing along with.  That’s probably why it’s still a popular cover song, 30 years later…

Tomorrow, a rap song that heavily sampled a Britpop classic…

Other songs that reached #1 on November 29:
1969 –
“Come Together / Something” by the Beatles (their eighteenth, 1 week)
1975 – “Fly, Robin, Fly” by the Silver Convention (their first, 3 weeks)


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