Day 341: Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye

Song: “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye” by Steam featuring Garrett Scott
Reached #1: December 6, 1969 (their first, 2 weeks)

Not bad for a band that never really existed…?

There have been fictional bands at #1 – The Archies, The Heights, The Monkees (sort of)… there have been pseudonyms at #1 – ? and the Mysterians…

…and then there’s Steam. 

Steam was never supposed to be a band.  It was a name slapped on a B-side single that was meant to be so bad, DJs would never be tempted to flip over Gary DeCarlo’s debut single (DeCarlo was performing as Garrett Scott at the time).

They were so, so wrong.

The DJ who flipped the single was in Georgia.   The phones lit up immediately, and the song spread quickly to stations across the South.  That led to Mercury releasing enough copies of the song to get it on the Hot 100, which led to other parts of the country adding the song… and before long, the band that didn’t exist had a #1 hit.  Now, they needed a real band to tour with it.

Producer Paul Leka put a band together – but it lasted less than a year.  Basically, it was long enough to get the tour done and make a few bucks for everyone.

Of course, the song lives on, with sales of 6.5 million copies and its place in history as a jock jam – used whenever a visiting player leaves a game or a visiting team has been run out of a building.  Not bad for a throwaway song that nobody was supposed to like, right?

Tomorrow, a song everyone knows so well, it’s a little bit frightening…

Other songs that reached #1 on December 6:
1986 –
“The Next Time I Fall” by Peter Cetera & Amy Grant (his second, 1 week)
2003 – “Stand Up” by Ludacris feat. Shawnna (his first, 1 week)


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