Day 358: Another Day In Paradise

Song: “Another Day In Paradise” by Phil Collins
Reached #1: December 23, 1989 (his seventh, 4 weeks)
Previously: Day 188, Day 296

Just another day for you and me…

It’s Phil Collins’ seventh, and last, #1 single.  It’s the last #1 of the ‘80s and first #1 of the ‘90s.  And it’s one of the songs that indicated the shift in tone in Collins’ career.

Of course, the fact that it came from an album called …But Seriously should have told us that this wasn’t fluffy pop music.

Instead, Collins wanted to make a point here.   It’s a pretty obvious one – homelessness exists, and is awful – but it’s still one that needed to be heard.

And it wasn’t just homelessness.  Collins sang about The Troubles (“That’s Just The Way It Is”), apartheid (“Colours”), and parenthood (“Father To Son”) on the album.

You can actually combine two of Collins’ songs now – you can see the homeless all around you, living yet another day in “paradise”… because “that’s just the way is… some things will never change…”.

Yeah, that’s not the most Christmassy message out there… but then again, who said life was always like Christmas?

Tomorrow, the hit that may have helped start a reality TV career…

No other songs reached #1 on December 23.


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