Day 364: Time In A Bottle

Song: “Time In A Bottle” by Jim Croce
Reached #1: December 29, 1973 (his second, 2 weeks)
Previously: Day 203

If only he could have saved time in a bottle…

“Time In A Bottle” wasn’t really supposed to be a single – ABC Records, which released Croce’s album You Don’t Mess Around With Jim in 1972, was done with the album, as Croce had released Life And Times in mid-1973 and was working on I Got A Name as late as mid-September 1973.

Then came the plane crash.

But that wasn’t the only reason “Time In A Bottle” reached #1.  At the time, ABC had used the song as the end-credit song for a TV movie, She Lives!.  The movie, a tear-jerker featuring Desi Arnaz Jr., aired on September 12, 1973.  Croce’s plane went down 8 days later.  ABC released “Time In A Bottle” as a single a few weeks later – with the airplay it had already received in the wake of the movie, and Croce’s death, it hit #1 fairly quickly, becoming Croce’s last #1 single.

Of course, the storyline of the song – the wish to be able to live forever, in some way – mixed with the irony of Croce’s death, proved irresistible.  And, indeed, in this song, Jim Croce has lived forever…

Tomorrow, the song that would have made a terrific ending for this blog, if the final chart of 1967 had come out one day later…

No other songs reached #1 on December 29.


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